Nobody knows how a love starts or how it moves on or even when it ends. It just appears, grows and ends. Like us, mortals.

One way or another, it ends, not always literally saying, but at some moment it loses part of the meaning it used to have.

And for those that disagree, please maintain your ideas and believe in them. I don’t doubt of that or deny it, but I have my own opinions, that are not the most absolute truth, but my own absolute truth.

Anyway, you and I know that endless or not, love is the most unbelievable thing in human existence.

The “to love” and “to be love”, that’s what I’m talking about.

The fact that among billions of people in the world, two of them look at each other as if they were unique. That among billions of people, you just want one person that wants you back. That it exists something so much stronger than anything, that is capable of destroy and raise whole universes. And that thing is inside people.

It is not a little thing, and it’s not for cheap sentimentalism that some stupid words try to describe it, for centuries we have been talking about. For centuries it is the favorite theme in poetry. Love, as it is, always love. Centuries and centuries later and no one gets tired of talking about it, or even hearing about it. Centuries and centuries later and the ladies are still crying, and the gentlemen still fighting.

Centuries and centuries later and they still Kiss each other in the end of the story. Centuries, centuries and centuries later and the idea never changes. But who said it has to be changed? We want it like this, we will cry at the end, it is not a matter of time. Love is timeless, and will always be the center of attentions.

Just because love is strong. More than just “strong”, it’s indestructible.

Love makes us suffer. Nothing in the world brings so much pain as love. It can be tough, cruel. It can tear us apart. It can be the biggest villain of a story. It can be the purest and the hardest pain ever.

But still, it’s love.

And if by one side it makes you suffer, for a thousand of others, it’s the cure for any other pain. It’s the peace and the tranquility, the medicine, the suture. It’s the breath, the awaken. It’s the simple existence of who loves and who believes that beyond love, there’s nothing more necessary. Oh, what a virtue it is to feel!

What a virtue it is to believe in love! What a gift is to be a poet, even without words, that has the most beautiful poetry inside himself. Oh, what a virtue it is to feel what other can’t believe. What a gift it is to live for someone, and to have someone to live for you. What a beauty love is.

After all, if we are here, it is for love.


Just yesterday, I was standing at the Railway Station in the night all alone, waiting for my dad to pick me up. It was really a scary place not because it was late in night but because of the creepy looks of the people at the station, also it was raining heavily and it was so silent all around that I could even hear the noise of raindrops falling. Ignoring all this, I was lost in a very deep argument. I could feel something cold running up my swine as my mind came near to the solution but then again I was lost in another argument on how we can implement this solution?

Yesterday, I planned to take a new route to Delhi from Patiala. I decide to board Ludhiana-New Delhi Shatabdhi from Sangrur, which was expected to reach Delhi at 09:45PM. But it got late by two hours and for those two hours I had to wait at the Sangrur Station and trust me it was not at all very good place to spend time.

The problem, I am talking about is the Inefficiency of Indian Railways. Though I have travelled quite a lot in the railways but this experience made me regret my choice. Indian Railways always enjoyed a respectable position in my mind. As it is one of the world’s largest railway networks comprising 115,000 km of track and 7,500 stations, IR carries about 7,500 million passengers annually or more than 20 million passengers daily. Also it is the world’s fourth largest commercial or utility employer, by number of employees, with over 1.4 million employees and around 9000 engineers. By statistics, anyone would say great about the Railways.

But I believe the real parameter for judging any organisation is not the statistics but the services it provides, its credibility, ease & safety for its users and its adaption with the technology.

And in many of these parameters when you judge IR, it fails very badly. I will talk about each of these problems and then the common necessary solution that I feel should be implemented as soon as possible.

IR provides and maintains a good lot of services and policies for the users, like Tatkal Scheme, Reservation, Online platforms etc. Tatkal Scheme which gets renewed every three months gets worse every time. The whole system of reservation lies in the hands of Agents or Touts and because of this Passengers have to pay a lot more than it is required. IR’s online ticketing portal, is a bigger failure, getting past every step for booking a ticket, is a big achievement. Also the session can get timed out any time plus the probability that you will see this message, ‘Service is unavailable’ is quite high.

Recently I read in an article that IR was earning in crores just from the cancelled tickets. Generally they book tickets in waiting list till hundreds when they know usually only the first hundred will get confirmed. Northern Railways only earned 33 crores through cancelled tickets. This shows the immoral attitude of IR towards its consumers.

According to Forbes, IR is one of the most unreliable in the world leaving behind many African and Asian countries which are less technologically advanced than us. In India, most of the railways accidents occur due to the human mistakes or technical faults. Recently around 2.5 million was allocated to revolutionize the railway safety technologies but nothing big has been done. Next time, please have a better reason to travel with IR.

Also IR is not at all disabled friendly and the railway journey for a disabled person in India is nothing short of a nightmare. Recently IR clarified its stand on this issue by leaving the job positions reserved for disabled persons vacant!

In spite of India having the third largest pool of technocrats, engineers and scientists, IR still lags at least 20 years in railway technology. People in China, Japan, Germany, travel in High speed modern trains which have highest speed of 300kmph whereas in India we have Shatabdhi & Rajdhani which have highest speed of just 130kmph. Also we lag behind in developing our railway stations to the world class standards.

We need a solution that will overhaul the Indian Railways and make it a par with other railway services in the world.

From my view point, the actual problem is the Politics that is associated with the railways. As it is directly controlled by Minister of Railways, it has a lot of political intervention in its activities and policy making. We need Indian Railways to be free from any ministry and to enjoy independence as DMRC enjoys.

We need to depoliticise Indian Railways and that is the only solution I can see.

Have you ever experienced the feeling, when after great ‘restless and depressing’ times you finally got something really important?

The unending moments of ups and downs, which make you feel, question yourselves sometimes? The strange and the bitter truth is that when you dig deeper into your life, you realize that you did choose the wrong path. Also, that you have misunderstood some people and actually what they wanted was something your benefit.

This happened to me recently.

For a very long time, I was in the assumption that my actions and my behavior has always been in a positive fashion for the ones in my circle. I had my whole different understanding of the social norms. I won’t disagree that for a long period, I always thought that I can never be wrong. But I have learned to get over past and start my life experience in a new way.

Once Steve Jobs said, in an interview that getting fired from Apple was the best thing that happened in his life. Being a frantic fan of him, I always used to ponder this one statement. How can getting fired from the firm he founded, be possibly the best thing in his life? After having lost in one of my deep thinking moments, I got the true meaning of this statement. The time and energy that he could have spent criticizing others and blaming the whole world for it, he just realized that now he can use this time to see ‘Is something wrong inside him?’ and also learn from his previous mistakes and past experiences. And he indeed got successful and that’s why he again became the CEO of Apple computers and gave us some of the most revolutionary technologies.

I tried and I did implement the same in my life. I started being happier and ultimately I too got success. Success not only in the professional field but I also earned a great mentor. A person whom I have always misunderstood, is actually the one who inspired the change in me and I owe my success to him. Thank you!