Have you ever experienced the feeling, when after great ‘restless and depressing’ times you finally got something really important?

The unending moments of ups and downs, which make you feel, question yourselves sometimes? The strange and the bitter truth is that when you dig deeper into your life, you realize that you did choose the wrong path. Also, that you have misunderstood some people and actually what they wanted was something your benefit.

This happened to me recently.

For a very long time, I was in the assumption that my actions and my behavior has always been in a positive fashion for the ones in my circle. I had my whole different understanding of the social norms. I won’t disagree that for a long period, I always thought that I can never be wrong. But I have learned to get over past and start my life experience in a new way.

Once Steve Jobs said, in an interview that getting fired from Apple was the best thing that happened in his life. Being a frantic fan of him, I always used to ponder this one statement. How can getting fired from the firm he founded, be possibly the best thing in his life? After having lost in one of my deep thinking moments, I got the true meaning of this statement. The time and energy that he could have spent criticizing others and blaming the whole world for it, he just realized that now he can use this time to see ‘Is something wrong inside him?’ and also learn from his previous mistakes and past experiences. And he indeed got successful and that’s why he again became the CEO of Apple computers and gave us some of the most revolutionary technologies.

I tried and I did implement the same in my life. I started being happier and ultimately I too got success. Success not only in the professional field but I also earned a great mentor. A person whom I have always misunderstood, is actually the one who inspired the change in me and I owe my success to him. Thank you!

  1. Geetika said:

    nyc one!!!!

  2. prashant mehta said:

    very true bro …

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